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Parents’ Prism: Three Dimensions of Effective Parenting

The authors present three graphic models of parenting responsibilities and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of one-, two-, and three-dimensional presentations. Further, they draw on the research of Diana Baumrind to support the constructing of a teachable, self-help conceptualization of effective parenting.

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The Application of Early Recollections in Intense Psycho-Educational Parenting Sessions

Many practitioners search for methods to make parenting sessions as effective as possible within the brief time available for the parents they serve. This article outlines an innovation being implemented within an American military community in Germany. In addition to standardized and essential parenting information, the organized collection, interpretation, and application of the parents’ early recollections (ERs) has been added. The authors have found that through an exploration of the parents’ ERs within the parenting sessions themselves, the intensity of the instruction is effectively – and at times dramatically – increased. Insight into parents’ own problem-solving styles, as applied to parenting situations, can be quickly and persuasively portrayed to the parent. In turn, the parents are offered a convincing opportunity to adjust or abandon their former methods and adapt a more effective means of interaction with their children.

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