Fees & Insurance

  • Therapy fees are charged in 15-minute increments. A 60-minute session is considered one full session.
  • Full Fees for clinical work are as follows:
      • CHF 150 per 60 minute session (Jane and Erik)
      • CHF 130 per 60 minute session (Jinger)
      • CHF 200 per clinical hour for co-therapy (two therapists attending)

    • Other Billing Details
      • Phone calls, emails and out-of-session consultations lasting more than 5 minutes are billed at the pro-rated therapy rate.
      • For personal record-keeping, clients will receive a monthly invoice outlining services rendered and fees charged.
      • Payment for clinical services can be paid by bulletin de versement or by ebanking and is due 30 days after receiving the invoice, unless arranged otherwise.
      • If agreed to beforehand clients may pay with cash and a receipt for payment will be provided.
  • Regarding insurance coverage: While some international insurance companies recognize our credentials, we are not recognized by Swiss insurance companies. If insurance coverage is necessary to meet the cost of services we encourage our clients to determine this with an immediate call to their carrier to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

    •  Clients are expected to pay the monthly invoice and submit the paid invoice for reimbursement.
    • We are happy to submit our credentials for review upon request.
    • Be aware that when consenting to use insurance, your diagnosis and dates of service may be requested by the insurance company.
    • When paying without insurance, diagnoses remain confidential and undisclosed.
  • Barring emergencies, sessions canceled without a 24-hour notice of doing so (or re-scheduling within the same calendar week) are billed to the patient at the full-rate.
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