We believe parenting is one of the most important tasks people face in life today. Children of the 21st Century are facing difficulties that we could not have imagined when we were growing up. Our responsibility as parents to raise confident, contributing, compassionate children, challenges us to find new approaches to the demands of this new, constantly-evolving environment.

Ideally, parenting today must again become a joint, community venture. Parents, teachers, significant adults and helping-professionals do well to combine efforts to find creative and effective ways of preparing our children for the challenges before them. This requires a place for us to gather to share creatively with one another.

At Family-Counselling, we provide a space where parents can share their concerns, find support, learn new approaches. All of this stimulates the creativity needed for effective parenting.

Our parent workshops or discussion groups are committed to best-practices which combine research-based methods with proven theory along with our long years of personal and professional experience addressing parenthood.

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Parenting Workshops and Discussion Groups
Encouraging Children by:
  • Inviting contribution
  • Winning cooperation
  • Teaching respectful communication skills
  • Providing opportunities to take responsibility
  • Increasing their self-competence
  • Participating in family meetings
  • Learning to resolve conflicts
  • Applying effective alternatives to reward and punishment
Empowering Parents to:
  • Clarify the principles that guide child-rearing
  • Face challenges with creativity and conviction
  • Identify their unique parenting strengths
  • Care well for themselves
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