Who is Nathalie?

edited pro picNathalie Crossan has American and Swiss training, having done her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Northeastern University in Boston and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at University of Geneva. She has work experience at Hopitaux Université de Genève and private psychiatric clinics in Zurich and Geneva. Currently, Nathalie is training with the Adlerian Institute of Northwestern Washington, USA.

Nathalie is also specializing in eating disorders. After seeing numerous friends and family members struggle with eating disorders, she decided to dedicate her career to the field. Nathalie addresses difficulties with body image, weight control, chronic dieting, emotional eating, overeating, compulsive exercise, perfectionism, impulsivity and low self-esteem. Nathalie completed the Master Practitioner Programme at the National Centre for Eating Disorders with Deanne Jade.

Nathalie comes from an international background, having grown up in Hong Kong, Zurich and Geneva. Her multi-cultural upbringing influences her approach to her work. She believes that an integrative approach provides her with a more diverse toolbox to meet the unique needs of each person.

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