Family-Counselling Services

Services Available

Our focus at Family-Counselling Services is on helping you address the immediate challenges you’re seeking help for. This means, no matter what the crisis may be that you are facing (a recent move; a break-up or near break-up within your couple; children or adolescents trouble at school; involvement with drug or alcohol abuse or simply trying to find some personal balance), Family-Counselling staff will support you in these personal challenges and help you resolve them.

We encourage you to explore our website and get to know us. See how we deal with parenting issues, family, couples, and individual counselling, school concerns, career counselling, and alcohol-drug abuse. You will also see the different avenues of personal development you can explore – especially those related to music-voice training and intrinsic religious faith and spiritual wellness. If you are challenged positively by what you see, feel welcome to contact us and discover whether our support and assistance could help your family be and contribute all that it can.

The counselling profession is based in values which support prevention, optimum development, and positive functioning. We believe at Family-Counselling that a vital ingredient to successful living is encouragement. Our belief is based on Alfred Adler’s understanding of the human being. He wrote “In every step of treatment, we must not deviate from the path of encouragement”.


Encouragement is a process based on accurate observation of what an individual can actually accomplish and helping apply this to the benefit of the individual and the social environment. This stimulates positive involvement in our world and can impact all socially oriented activities – whether professional, social, and intimate.

Encouragement by this definition can:

  • Give hope that there are solutions to any challenge being faced
  • Empower people to live life fully
  • Lead to understanding the uniqueness of the individual
  • Build the courage needed to face the difficulties that life brings
  • Develop a new meaning in the individual’s life in relation to intimate, social and professional relationships.

Our aim in treatment is always to increase an individual’s courage to meet the problems of life.

  • Encouragement is a process that allows personal growth, especially at times when life is challenging us to change and adapt to new situations.
  • Encouragement is an ongoing process that is vital for building courage in children so that they feel ready to face the developmental tasks.
  • Encouragement is a lifelong activity that helps maintain healthy relationships.
  • Encouragement is an art that must be personalised to the uniqueness of each human being.