Family Counselling

We do family counselling differently

There are many ways to assist families in coping with the challenges in our fast-paced world. We, at Family-Counselling, are aware of these challenges and work with families to re-pace and re-define their family identity and values. This is done in a consistently respectful manner.

We engage each member of the family in a counselling relationship. We work to understand the individual issues and the dynamics among all members of the family – the adults individually and within the interpersonal and parental couple; the children individually and within the sibling group; the interactions between each member within the family including grandparents or other caretakers. We also provide home visits to better understand the family dynamic and can arrange for visits with the children’s teachers and the family’s religious institution if indicated.

This is an approach to counselling and therapy that is respectful of the integrity of the individual within a personal and social context. Over the course of receiving Family-Counselling Service’s interventions the family comes to experience what healthy family living can mean. This typically includes more cooperative interactions and more effective communication styles among all family members.

There is nothing that results in better communication than a thorough understanding and appreciation of each member of the family. Check here frequently for additional articles and exercises to increase your self-understanding.

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